How to calculate compressive strength of concrete?

approximately about 70% of the grade strength of the concrete and For 28 days test result the strength to be ga by approximately 100 % of the grade strength of the concrete. Normally the unit of compressive strength as KG/SQMM , N/SQMM. As per thumb rule , at the time of weighg the cubes the mimum weight of cubes are 8.6 kg .

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Results of Concrete Cube Test. Average compressive strength of the concrete cube = ………….N/ mm 2 (at 7 days) Average compressive strength of the concrete cube =………. N/mm 2 (at 28 days) Compressive Strength of Concrete at Various Ages. The strength of concrete creases with age.

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Concrete specimens are tested usg the ASTM39 Test Standard Test Method for Compressive Strength of Cyldrical Concrete Specimens by usg two samples made from the same test at the same age, usually at strength of 28 days old. Design engeers use the specified strength ƒ´c to design structural elements.


Compressive strength is calculate usg the followg formula. Compressive strength (kg/cm 2) = W f / A p. Where. W f = Maximum applied load just before load, (kg) A p = Plan area of cube mould, (mm 2) Safety & Precautions. Use hand gloves, safety shoes & apron at the time of test. After test switch off the mache.

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Then the readg on the mache is divided by the area of cube to get the actual compressive strength. For example area of the cube is 150mm X 150mm = 22500mm2. and the readg from the mache is 751000 n/mm. Then the compressive strength of the cube will be 751000/22500 = 33.37 N/mm.

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The characteristics compressive strength of concrete is defed as the mean strength below which 5% results are not allowed to fall. That simply means if you test 100 cubes of concrete of 15 cm edges and cure them at 27°C for 28 days you should expect the mean strength exhibited by 95 cubes .That mean strength is given by fck ie the characteristics compressive strength of concrete.

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The cubes are tested on the face perpendicular to the castg face. The compression mache exerts a constant progressg force on the cubes till they fail, the rate of loadg is 0.6 ± 0.2 M/Pas (N/mm²/s). The readg at failure is the maximum compressive strength of the concrete. S EN 12390-2: 2009 / S EN 12390-3:2009.

In concrete compression test, normally 150mm x150mm x150mm ...

However, if the designed concrete strength is 100MPa, under the same force (about 2,000kN) supplied by the mache, the stress under a 150mmx150mmx150mm cube is not sufficient to crush the concrete cube. Therefore, 100mmx100mmx100mm concrete cubes are used stead to crease the applied stress to crush the concrete cubes. For normal concrete strength, the cube size of 150mmx150mmx150mm is already sufficient for the crushg strength of the mache.

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Step12 – Calculate concrete compressive strength: The result we got from testg mache is the ultimate load to break the concrete specimen. The load unit is generally lb. We have to convert it newton (N). Our purpose is, to know the concrete compressive strength.


concrete havg the compressive strength class of C25/30 at the age of 28 days, mix cured and the compressive strength is determed on cubes with the sizes of 150 mm will have a mean compressive strength stead of the above calculatedf cm,cube,H= 44.1 N/mm 2 onlyf cm,cube,H = f ck,cube,H + 1.48·1.387· 1 m = 33 + 1.48·1.387·3 = 39.2 N/mm 2.

How to calculate the compressive strength of concrete ...

Concrete compressive strength requirements can vary from 2500 psi (17 MPa) for residential concrete to 4000 psi (28 MPa) and higher commercial structures. Higher strengths up to and exceedg 10,000 psi (70 MPa) are specified for certa applications.