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. at the 2012 London Olympics site. The recycled rubber "PaveGen" pavg slabs harvest ketic energy from the impact of people steppg on them and stantly deliver ty bursts of electricity to nearby appliances.Footstep electricity generation usg PaveGen Pavg slabs that convert energy from people's footsteps to electricity are set to help power Europe's largest urban mall.

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RESEARCH ARTICLE OF GENERAL INTEREST ISSUE NO 313 • MAR. - APR. 2010 49 energy from human walk. However, multiple unit clusters may be more useful for producg useable power. A sgle cluster with 5 FSEC devices was developed for experimental purpose. Multi FSEC unit platform A cluster of 5 FSEC devices mounted on a wheeled platform was developed.

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Thread / Post : Tags: Title: power generation usg footsteps and ppt on paper battery Page Lk: power generation usg footsteps and ppt on paper battery - Piezoelectric Energy Harvestg Kit When the Energy Harvestg Bender is flexed, , piezo generator, piezoelectric generator, energy harvestg, energy scavengg, energy harvestg module, .

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To store the electricity battery. It can be use at any time when it necessary. Easy construction. Less number of parts required. Electricity can used for many purposes VII. APPLICATIONS In street light. In LED light for specific purposes. In air circulation system for room by the small fans. For used security alarm.

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This energy can be tapped and converted the usable form such as electrical form. In order to develop a technique to harness foot step energy, a foot step electricity generatg device was developed the Reactor Control Division, BARC. This device, if embedded the footpath, can convert foot impact energy to electrical form.

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The technology converts the ketic energy to electricity which can be stored and used for a variety of applications. - Describe the novation developed The energy harvested by the Road can immediately power off-grid applications such as pedestrian lightg, way-fdg solutions and advertisg signage or be stored a battery.

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Keywords: Electrical Energy, Energy crises, Ketic energy, Foot step power generation system, Mechanical energy of frovot step 1. INTRODUCTION In this paper the generation of electrical energy is described by usg the weight energy. Person can amaze simply knowg that how much energy a person has by simply walkg on the floor with normal speed.


This paper focuses on the power generation from the creased population without negatively affectg the environment. The foot step, walkg and runng energy is converted to electricity with the help of piezo electric crystals. It is a non-conventional system which mechanical energy from footsteps is converted to electrical energy.