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In a straight grate, the grate cars have to go through the dryg and duration zones. So, a deep bed of pellets with a hearth layer is required. Another part of the Grate kiln system pro-cess flexibility is because there is only one burner. The kiln burner can use liquid gas, or solid (coal or biomass) fuels separately or combation.

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Our manufacturer has designed and supplied Grate Kiln for several pellet plants, playg a leadg role the dustry of Cha. The specification ranges from φ4.0×30m to φ6.4×45mm, and the hourly productivity ranges from 90 tons to 333 tons.

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Metso is the only supplier of both Straight Grate and Grate Kiln pellet ... modern plant and to produce pellets at the lowest cost and ... the plant are ...

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When vestors assess the two well proven pelletizg technologies, the straight grate and grate-kiln, the most appropriate choice may not be immediately evident. Certa technical, market and site specific factors will favor one technology over the other, vestors need to be aware and understand these factors order to make the best vestment decision.

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Iron ore a fely ground state is not easily transported or readily processed .The iron ore pelletizg ... pellets creases the ... Grate-Kiln System and the ...

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There are two major processes for the production of Iron ore pellets: Straight Grate and Grate-Kiln. ... Grate-Kiln has lower matenance cost compared to SG plant ...

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The straight grate technology is characterized by an annual capacity of as high as 9.25 Mt per system (Thomas and Coll, 2013), and it is suitable for various pellet feeds and the production of flexible product types, such as acid pellets, fluxed pellets, and high-MgO pellets (Chaigneau, 2013). Straight grate, grate-kiln, and shaft furnaces account for approximately 58%, 35%, and 6%, respectively, of world pellet production 2013 .

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travellg grate pellet plant - Crusher South Africa. pellet plant straight grate grate kiln capital ... uralmash straight grate pellet plants India. ...

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Low capital cost as compared straight grate technology. ... Flow chart of iron pellet plant grates kiln technology three dimensional flow chart of iron pellet plant ...

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The use of pellets creases the productivity blast furnace and reduces coke consumption. These benefits along the iron ore processg cha push the global expansion of iron ore pelletizg . Iron ore pelletizg plants Two ma systems, the Grate-Kiln System and the Straight-Grate system are common to produce the transportation friendly pellets.

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