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Construction of a sgle phase duction motor is similar to the construction of three phase duction motor havg squirrel cage rotor, except that the stator is wound for sgle phase supply. Stator is also provided with a 'startg wdg' which is used only for startg purpose.

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When a sgle phase AC supply is given to the stator wdg of sgle phase duction motor, it produces its flux of magnitude, φm. Accordg to the double field revolvg theory, this alternatg flux, φm is divided to two components of magnitude φm /2.

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Induction motors are most commonly run on sgle-phase or three-phase power, but two-phase motors exist; theory, duction motors can have any number of phases. Many sgle-phase motors havg two wdgs can be viewed as two-phase motors, sce a capacitor is used to generate a second power phase 90° from the sgle-phase supply and feeds it to the second motor wdg.

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Another common sgle-phase AC motor is the split-phase duction motor, commonly used major appliances such as air conditioners and clothes dryers. Compared to the shaded pole motor, these motors provide much greater startg torque.

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Fig.1 Mas parts of sgle phase duction motor : Rotor and Stator. The wdg has got 2 parts; One ma wdg and an auxiliary wdg. The auxiliary wdg is placed perpendicular to the ma wdg. A capacitor is connected to the auxiliary wdg.

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Sgle Phase Induction Motor The sgle-phase duction mache is the most frequently used motor for refrigerators, ... • A sgle-phase ac current supplies the ma

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The stationary part sgle phase duction motors is called stator while the rotatg part is called rotor. The stator has lamated construction, made up of stampgs. The stampgs are slotted on its periphery to carry the wdg called stator wdg or ma wdg.

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Sgle Phase Induction Motor 1-Introduction The sgle-phase duction mache is the most frequently used motor for refrigerators, washg maches, clocks, drills, compressors, pumps, and so forth. 1.1 Construction Construction of Sgle Phase duction motor are stator and rotor.

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Universal Motor - construction, workg and characteristics. A universal motor is a special type of motor which is designed to run on either DC or sgle phase AC supply. These motors are generally series wound (armature and field wdg are series), and hence produce high startg torque (See characteristics of DC motors here).

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sgle-phase a.c. duction motor. It presents a design of a low-cost, high-efficiency drive capable of supplyg a sgle-phase a.c. duction motor with a PWM modulated susoidal voltage. The circuit operation is controlled by a ty MC68HC908QT4 MCU. The device is aimed at substitutg the commonly used triac phase angle control drives.

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same construction as the three-phase motor. ... operate the sgle-phase motor. Sgle-phase motors ... Without the use of a three-phase alternatg current, ...